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Dr. Kenneth Chan and his team at Healthy Smile Family Dentistry in South Pasadena are passionate in providing the very best in personalized dental care. 

From our front desk staff to our dental assistants and hygienists, every member of our friendly and knowledgeable team at Healthy Smile Family Dentistry in South Pasadena are dedicated to ensuring the total comfort and satisfaction of each of our patients. 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from our patients.  Please feel free to browse our website as it contains many informative articles and videos relating to dentistry.  If you have any other questions, we would love to hear from you. Our friendly, knowledgeable and highly trained staff at Healthy Smile Family Dentistry in South Pasadena will be more than delighted to answer all your questions and needs. Please feel free to contact the Healthy Smile Family Dentistry team at (626)799-8068.

Q. What dental insurance does Healthy Smile Family Dentistry accept?

A.  At Healthy Smile Family Dentistry in South Pasadena, we accept the following dental PPO insurance:

(A)  Aetna

(B)  Blue Cross

(C)  Delta Dental

(D)  Metlife

(E)  Safeguard

(F)  Connection Dental

(G)  Humana

     ** Don't see your insurance company listed above?  Just give us a call at   (626) 799-8068 and we'll be happy to verify eligibility for you.

Q. What are my payment options and do you offer financing?

A.  At Healthy Smile Family Dentistry, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Checks and Cash.  We have also partnered with CareCredit® to provide financing for services performed at Healthy Smile Family Dentistry in South Pasadena.

Q. What causes sensitive teeth and how can it be managed?

A.  Sensitive teeth can be caused by many factors.  Dentin, which is the porous part of the tooth, is the region that registers pain and can become exposed due to:

  • Fractured or chipped teeth
  • Teeth injured by clenching or grinding
  • Receding gums caused by gum disease or improper brushing 

     Some effective treatments for sensitive teeth includes:

  • A soft-bristle toothbrush to prevent gum irritation
  • Toothpaste designed to insulate the nerve that registers pain

If you experience sensitive teeth, visit Healthy Smile Family Dentistry to discuss your symptoms.  Dr. Kenneth Chan can help determine the cause of your pain and develop a course of treatment.

Q. What are the casues of teeth grinding and how can it be treated?

A.  Teeth grinding can be caused by a range of factors from stress, sleep disorders, an abnormal bite and crooked or missing teeth.  Teeth grinding can cause serious pain and headaches as well as dangerous wear on the teeth.  In severe cases, restorative dentistry such as Inlays or porcelain crowns are needed to rebuild teeth damaged by teeth grinding.  Therefore, it is critical to seek treatment for teeth grinding early to avoid waking up with headaches or jaw pain.  Once the cause or causes of teeth grinding is determined, Dr. Kenneth Chan can develop a course of treatment. 

Q. What are the causes of bad breath and how can it be treated?

A.  Bad breath, officially known as halitosis, is a problem that plagues most people at some time in their life.  While breath fresheners such as mints and gums can temporarily solve the issue, there are preventive measures that can be taken to stop bad breath before it starts. The best way to prevent bad breath is to maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine. Removing food debris in the teeth and gums through brushing and flossing is the most effective way to prevent bad breath.  Another way to eliminate and prevent halitosis is to use an antiseptic mouthwash to kill bacteria every time you brush and in between meals. It is obvious that certain foods, such as onions, can contribute to bad breath, but there are certain foods that are actually effective in the prevention of halitosis.  Fibrous foods such as raw vegetables not only scrape bacteria from tooth surfaces, but they also promote increased saliva flow, which limits the possibility of bad breath.  Eating healthy foods at breakfast is especially helpful in eliminating the bad breath bacteria that can form in the mouth over night.  In addition to eating a healthy diet, staying well-hydrated is also an important tool in the fight against bad breath. Aside from being a social nuisance, bad breath may be a sign of a serious medical condition.  If your bad breath persists, it is wise to see a dentist about the problem.

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  • "I had a very pleasant experience at this office. I'm usually a dental phobic. Even a cleaning would make me very nervous. However, Dr. Chan is very nice and professional. And the staff are excellent. I feel at ease right from the beginning. I've finally found an office I plan to stay for a long time."
    Ricardo M.
  • "My wife and I LOVE Dr. Chan! Dr. Chan seems to get a lot of satisfaction doing high quality dentistry. His fees are also very reasonable. He is such a great dentist! We actually enjoy seeing him every six months!!! He is my number one choice!!!!"
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  • "The office was very well organized with a friendly front desk staff. Very professional and friendly atmosphere. I liked it a lot and will continue going there."
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